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Entomology and Plant Pathology

Dr. Mark Windham, Professor



Windham, M. T., R. N. Trigiano and W. T. Witte. 2004. Powdery mildew resistant plants. U.S. Patent. 6,677,510 B2. Issued Jan. 13

Windham, M. T., R. N. Trigiano, and W. T. Witte. 2002. Dogwood tree named 'Karen’s Appalachian Blush'. Plant Patent 13,165 P2. Issued Nov. 5.

Windham, M. T., R. N. Trigiano, and W. T. Witte. 2002. Dogwood tree named 'Kay’s Appalachian Mist'. Plant Patent 13,098 P2. Issued Oct. 26.

Windham, M. T., R. N. Trigiano, and W. T. Witte. 2002. Dogwood tree named 'Jean’s Appalachian Snow'. Plant Patent 13,099 P2. Issued Oct. 26.

Journal Articles and Books (last five years):

Li, Y. H., M. T. Windham, R. N. Trigiano, D. C. Fare, J. M. Spiers, and W. E. Copes. 2005. Spore germination, infection structure formation and colony development of Erysiphe pulchra on dogwood leaves and glass slides. Plant Dis. 89:1301-1304.

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Gompert, L., M. Windham, and S. Hamilton. 2001. Evaluation of disease resistance among 57 cultivars of Zinnia elegans. HortTechnology. 11:71-74.


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